DASCO and group companies is a multinational energy, commodities and Alternative Investments firm. Our Headquarters are in London, and we maintain a global reach and presence through a number of joint venture partnerships, as well as an extensive network of consultants and agents. We work with a broad range of physical commodities and energies, with a stated aim of matching high quality global supply with demand.

The partnership is founded by commodities market professionals with many years of actual trading and investment experience in the commodities space. Our teams source, trade and invest in niche physical commodities, providing one or all services to clients at any one time – we pride ourselves on the quality of our sources, and the efficiency of our operations.

We have on the ground presence in key markets in China, India, Europe, Africa, Australia and North America, and our originators are local to those regions, providing us real time carefully sourced and verified information to ensure our continued focus on the best opportunities regionally.

As a global player, we have the resources and capabilities to invest in a diverse range of commodities supply chain and production facilities. Through debt, equity and project finance we turn prospective supply into real transactions and long term partnerships.